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Object Name Liner, Tipi
Other Name Tipi Liner
Object Number 1914.145.1
Collection Rutherford B. Hayes
Description Painted muslin consists of 3 seamed widths of fabric sewn together to make a large rectangle; lengths are hand sewn in a running stitch; the pictographs are done in black and brown India ink and red and yellow pigment; there are two rows of pictographs which consist of: (on top row) very faint horses' heads, two men in dark shirts, a running horse, horse with rider who has red paint on his chest, horse with rider who has a dark shirt with yellow band at his waist, horse which has red paint on it with rider in dark shirt, horse with rider in a red shirt and long headdress, man and horse with the man in a dark shirt; between the pictures are rows of U-shaped and triangular shaped markings; (2nd row ) picture of a man pointing a bow and arrow at a horse which has red markings and a rider with fringed and feathered shirt, man in dark shirt with red paint pointing a weapon at a horse painted yellow with a rider in fringed and feathered shirt, two men in locked arms - one in fringed shirt and one with long headdress and slightly below them lies a man with many red markings, below and right of last picture in second row is a man with a fringed and feathered shirt and yellow pants who has two lines extending upwards from his head - at the ends of these lines is a man and an animal;
on the opposite end of the pictographs (lower left hand corner) the muslin sheet has one cloth tie attached to either side and the words printed in blue "PACIFIC EXT_____ SHEETINGS;"
Date 1897
Year Range from 1897.0
Dimensions W-116.142 L-104 inches
Material Muslin; Paint
Made Sioux
Provenance "Sketch of the life of Little Big Man, who killed Crazy Horse in 1897, and thus became a renegade Indian, on an agency sheet; sold to Webb C. Hayes with a description of his life for four dollars on the occasion of an Indian pow-wow with the Honorable Carl Schurz, Secretary of the Interior, at Spotted Tail Agency, 1879, at which 9,000 Indians were present."
Search Terms American Indian
Little Big Man
Sioux Indians
Crazy Horse
Carl Schurz
Spotted Tail Agency